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Who We Are?

ASR is an online institution specialized in education, training, and scientific research. The academy offers a wide range of high-quality and world-class educational and training programs as well as other scientific and research services in numerous disciplines. ASR has worked actively in the areas of education, training, and academic research for more than 8 years and has become one of the most popular and reliable online institutions worldwide. We welcome students and professionals across the globe for our education and training programs as well as research advising services. We continuously upgrade our priorities to improve the level of our services and enhance the satisfaction of the seekers of innovation and excellence whether in the field of education or research.


Leadership and excellence in online education, training, and scientific research


We strive to overcome the obstacles of time, place, and financial status that restrict students and professionals from getting a high-quality and world-class education, training, and research innovation by providing flexible and affordable online learning, training, and research support for students and professionals. ASR is a platform for acquiring knowledge and skills and a remote environment for continuous professional and scientific development