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Welcome to Arabic language programs at ASR. We have a comprehensive curriculum for Arabic language program from beginner to professional levels for both adults and children. The curriculum is composed of a series of books designed carefully to ensure parallel progress of language competencies and skills including reading, grammar, vocabulary, speaking, listening and writing. The variety of students of different countries with different cultures and backgrounds as well as the native Arabic tutors with availability of online various programs at flexible timing are what make our classes unique of its kind. We believe that learning a language is not a task to be achieved, it is knowledge and skill gained by interesting classes with dedicated instructors and engaging students in an environment full of fun and excitement

  • Online live Arabic language classes with native speakers for foreigners
  • Join Arabic language courses for non-native speakers

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18 December
اليوم العالمي للغة العربية
Intensive Arabic language program
8 months
From basic level to professionalism
Standard Arabic language program
16 months
From basic level to professionalism

It is not just a language, it is a culture

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Standard Arabic courses/Small group classes

Join multicultural and interactive classes, maintain your social health, get support and motivation.

Private Arabic courses (One-to-One)

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Weekends classes

Do you work or study during the weekdays? Do you have too much responsibilities during the weekdays? You can still make it and acquire the language.

Weekdays classes

If you are looking for interactive and informative Arabic language courses handled with Arabic native speakers, then look no further.

Arabic Language Courses for Adults