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Let’s be with you in your research journey step by step

Research Planning Stage

Research experts at ASR will guide you at this critical stage of the research process. We believe that good research planning ensures going on the right path, reaching the desired outcome, and completing research successfully while avoiding time waste and massive mistakes. Our team can provide the necessary guidance and advice in research topic selection, setting research goals and objectives, summarizing literature for novelty, and preparing research proposal and study tool.

Data Analysis Stage

We believe that the backbone of your research study is your data. It serves as the base on which your entire research study depends. After your massive efforts of collecting an enormous quantity of data, there must be proper and evidence-based processing and analysis for your data. We are at ASR stand up beside researchers in this stage by providing guidance on using statistical analysis software, data encoding, selecting the appropriate statistical tests, and solving any statistical analysis issue

Manuscript Writing Stage

High-quality writing of your manuscript is very paramount to delivering your message to readers. In addition, the acceptance of publishing research papers by sound journals necessitates a well-structured and written manuscript. Whatever the type of your research is; original research, meta-analysis, systematic review, review article, or case study, ensure your manuscript is well-structured and written by our advising services. We can evaluate your research for quality of academic writing, similarity index, and referencing. We also provide professional and linguistic editing and proofreading services.

Research Publication Stage

The research institute at ASR supports you during your publication journey. ASR experts guide you in selecting the most suitable journal for your research and provide comprehensive and step-by-step support to accelerate the publication process. They are also happy to provide the necessary advice on the revision requested by editors and reviewers.

Scientific Conferences Services

Researchers who are interested in introducing and presenting their works in scientific meetings can benefit from a wide range of services by ASR academic team such as selecting the appropriate conference for the work, registration process, and editing and proofreading the scientific materials such as presentation slides, posters, and videos.

Academic translation services

We offer expert and specialized translation services for academic texts including research papers, and data collection materials such as questionnaires. Send your work to us in its final form, regardless of the language you need it translated into or from. We match your paper with translators who are experts in your field of study and who will accurately translate field-specific terms.