Academy of Scholars & Researchers


-Selecting research topic
-Preparing and summarizing literature
-Writing research proposal
-Calculating sample size
-Preparing study tools such as questionnaire, data collection forms and consent letters
-Testing the reliability and validity of study tools
-Creating online survey
-Applying for ethical approval
-Creating research groups
-Research supervision

-Research evaluation
-Editing and proofreading
-Checking and removing plagiarism and similarities

-Citing and updating references
-Formatting references
-Providing referencing software

-Research assessment
-Journal selection
-Preparing cover letter
-Publishing research in high impact journals
-Making corrections required by journals
-Replying to comments of reviewers and editors

– Application and registration in scientific conferences
– Designing research posters for scientific conferences
-Preparing presentations for scientific conferences

-Data encoding and entry
-Data Analysis
-Interpreting and presenting the results
-Providing statistical analysis software

– Consultations in writing research parts including Introduction, methodology, Results and discussion
– Consultations in writing original research papers, review articles, systematic reviews, metanalysis studies, and case studies.
– Consultations in research rewriting and improving
– Consultations in paraphrasing and removing plagiarism

-Translation of research parts to different languages
-Translation of questionnaires and data collections forms to different languages

-Applying for scholarships
-Providing consultations on medical studies in global universities
-Providing admission approvals from global universities and institutes
-Selecting academic supervisor for postgraduate studies
-Preparing study plans
-Writing motivation letters
-Writing academic CV